• evidanza


    Evidanza is a software provider of business intelligence solutions for reporting, planification, OLAP-analysis, risk management, costs calculations, IFRS- and USGAAP-reporting. The company is headquartered in Salching, Germany.
  • Soulside


    Soulside is a 3D social media app that gives people the power to discover themselves through creativity and share it with the world. With just a smartphone you can join new communities, meet new individualities, and express yourself in a fun and safe environment.


    Soullife is an online shop for natural, mostly vegan, nutritional supplements that provide the body with all the nutrients it needs. High-quality hemp oils that ensure ultimate well-being are also available in the shop.
  • DefShop


    DefShop is Europes biggest online retailer for streetwear and hip-hop clothing. With more than 25.000 articles from 350 brands, Defshop has conquered more than 1 million customers across Europe and employs more than 250 people.
  • Suburban Seafood

    Suburban Seafood

    Premium Seafood without interference with nature.
  • authentic


    Building an IoT Ecosystem for Physical Products.


    KIMDOGO is a Korean to-go concept attaching great importance to high quality ingredients and a traditional way of preparation.
  • Neurogold


    Neurogold is a health-focused CBD producer controlling its entire supply chain and providing a controlled environmental footprint.
  • Golfresort Schlossgut Sickendorf

    Golfresort Schlossgut Sickendorf

    Invested in the enhancement of the existing private club of the Golfpark Schlossgut Sickendorf
  • Groß Immobilien Salching-Stadtfeld

    Groß Immobilien Salching-Stadtfeld

    A total of luxurious 20 apartments with garages, carports and/or parking spaces are being built in the Salching-Stadtfeld residential park. Divided into three buildings, the first apartments can be occupied as early as fall 2022.