of Amentory Ventures

Alexander Büchler

Managing Partner

Alex is 35 years old and a serial entrepreneur from Berlin.

With 18 years old, Alex founded Defshop, carrying the vision to democratize hip hop culture and make streetwear accessible to everyone in Germany. Now a leading online fashion store for streetwear in Europe with more then 25.000 articles from 350 brands, Defshop has conquered more then 1 million customers across Europe and employs more then 250 people.

Passionate about building companies from scratch and while working on the growth of Defshop, Alex created various brands and was involved in multiple business projects.

Avid learner, Alex was thrilled by exploring these new projects and after selling the majority of his Defshop shares to Equistone, he created the venture capital firm Amentory Ventures. With Amentory, Alex now invests in various companies and keeps on building his own projects. Alex’s current major project is the establishment of Soulside, a 3D social media app.

Aside of business, Alex is married and has three children.

Thomas Groß

Managing Partner

Thomas Groß is the founder and CEO of the consulting and software solution Evidanza. After working at Roland Berger and since the beginning of his professional career, the development of integrated solutions for corporate management combined with innovative software solutions has been close to his heart. It is his passion.

In his view, the digitization of corporate processes is the right "answer" for successfully aligning the success factors of the business model (revenue and cost optimized) with agile corporate processes in an environment of globalized markets and increased market and competitive transparency.

As a managing director and consultant, Thomas Groß has gained many years of in-depth experience in the strategic and organizational development of companies in the following industries:

  • E-Commerce (CEO and successful exit)
  • Fashion - production & retail (CEO and successful exit)
  • Technology and software (founder, CEO and successful exit)
  • Consulting (founder, CEO and successful exit)